You don't want to sell! ... And that's OK, really!

Do you want to know what your home is worth in this market but you don't want to sell?

One day, one of my clients said to me, "Till, what do you think my home is worth?" He further said,"I went on Zillow/Trulia to receive an estimate but that came out competely wrong. You see, I don't want to start the selling process yet. I don't need to hear an entire sales presentation. All I need is 'Step1' - simply find out what my market is doing and the value of my home so I can decide what my options are."

That opened my eyes. He simply needed a number, a true range, in order to make the next educated decision. He did not need and DID NOT WANT a Realtor at this point. All he wanted was to check out his options, possibly trade up in his market or to see if a renovation or addition would actually be worth it... So what to do?

I told my client that a Zestimate covers a large geographical area and does not take his recently updated kitchen or bath into consideration. All it does is simply apply a basic formula, which Zillow admits has a 6.9% error margin nationally. Imagine the margin of error when local nuances are not taken into consideration.

In response, I decided to provide home owners what they wanted: a Value Adjusted Home Analysis is the only true analysis, which gives credit to a home value for certain improvements on the local level.

Simply fill out the form below and I will provide you with a short report. That easy. (Please add any renovations/year into the feature field).

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